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Some easy ways to save energy in your home.

Using less energy in your home is a great way to not only save money, but also reduce pollution.  This is an great way we can all be good stewards of our planet.  There are many things you can do yourself, and if you need help identifying areas you can save the most money, all of our home inspections include a free energy report using over 40 data points in your home to show you where you can save the most!  Here are some key area's to start with: Heating and Cooling The largest part of energy costs in a home is heating and cooling (as much as half!).  Here are some tips to help lower your costs:   • Install a programable thermostate, and program to turn down at night and when no one is home.  In some climate zones, this alone can save $150 per year in energy costs!   • Draw curtains over windows at night.  Simple, yet an effective way to help insulate one of your greatest areas of energy loss.   •  Check and replace air filters regularly.   •  Make sure that attic access door is insulated!! Replace incandescent lights with LED's With the average household dedicating 11% of its energy to lighting, switching to energy efficient LED's is a great way to save energy.  Payback on upgrading is typically less than 6 months as LED's use up to 75% less energy, and the bulbs themselves last much longer.   Install efficient shower heads and toilets. Daul flush toilets and low-flow shower heads are a great way to conserve water use in a home.  Toilets alone consume 30% to 40% of the water used in homes, making them the biggest water users.   These are just a few simple things that you can do to save energy.  For more great tips check out this page from InterNACHI for 10 easy way to save even more!

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